The Standard for Programmable Data & Digital Civil Rights

Our programmable data standard puts everyone in control of their data as it flows through external platforms automatically enforcing digital contracts like regulations, policies, licenses, and user preferences

Manage Personalization, Privacy & Marketing Preferences from One Convenient Location

Control all email opt-ins, cookie tracking selections, and site privacy choices across many brand relationships from one convenient location

Covenants Control & Secure Data Everywhere it Flows & Grows

Covenants are software controlled data containers to secure, contract, encrypt, transfer, audit, program and monetize your data

Programmable Data for Automated Security & Privacy Compliance

Covenants automatically enforce data portability, right to be forgotten, jurisdictional restrictions, and many other privacy requirements

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Join our partners and share a single standard for programmable data

 &Digital Rule of Law

We Believe Privacy Regulations Alone Cannot Solve our Data Control Problems

Our programmable data standard empowers everyone to define, refine and enforce digital contracts of our choice and to control the uses of our data within exchanges we value as individuals, families, communities, and organizations. 

We started by recognizing the lack of data control as the underlying problem shared across data security, data privacy, and data monetization domains. To solve these data control problems, we’re creating programmable contract-enforcing data building blocks we call Covenants to enable trustable digital relationships.

Covenants are programmable data containers that secure, contract, encrypt, transfer, audit, program, and monetize our data. They protect our data privacy and configure personalization of our choosing. Data ownership rights are preserved while data is secured and exchanged for relevant and personalized digital services.

Covenants balance our need for privacy with the needs of law enforcement. They ensure all current and future data use cases are consent-based. Covenants provide the necessary foundational trust required to expand our digital relationships.

Digital Rule of Law is a Big Idea. We have mountains to move to turn this vision into reality. We invite you to join us.

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Alan Rodriguez – Accesr – Founder & Invemtor


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Data Control Technology

Covenants Enable Trustable Digital Relationships

Covenants are data transactions between two parties using data secured within Data Containers with Smart Data Contracts  that enforce preferences, policies, licenses, terms of use and other data agreements.

Covenants are created, transferred, versioned, activated when compliant, deactivated when not compliant, eventually ended by the owner revoking all data access, and finally flagged for deletion.

Covenants For People

Complete Personal Data Control

Conveniently manage your data security and privacy across many brand relationships from one master data control center. Create and revise Covenants to control all current and future data uses. Secure your data from criminals using your own encryption while sharing more data in tailored ways to configure highly personalized digital experiences.

Personal Data Pod

Pods are like secure personal web servers for your data. All data in a pod is accessible via the Solid ProtocolYou control who and what can access your personal data securely stored in your Personal Data Pod.


Unified Marketing & Privacy PreferenceS

Automatically synchronize privacy settings like email opt-ins, cookie tracking selections, and site privacy choices across many brand relationships from a single location.

Use Identities of Your Choice

Using federated and Self Sovereign Identity technologies and standards, control your many identities across many organizations. People can create and use different identities for different contexts and roles like personal roles, work roles, or recreational roles. 

Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE)

Secure your data with BYOE of your choice and keys you control. By design, Accesr can never access your data or enable others to access your data without your awareness and cooperation.  

Covenants = Digital Civil Rights

What can they do for me?

Covenants put you in control of all your data to ensure it always serves your changing and growing needs while prohibiting all other uses. Your data is used to create and tailor highly personalized digital relationships of your choice. Your data is always stored, shared and used in ways you understand and value.


Consent to All Data Uses

All future uses of your data require your express permission using the medical standard of informed consent. We cannot know all the potential future uses for our data but we can require our consent to all emergent new uses.


Protect Your Data

Covenants encrypt data with individual keys you control and grant access when compliance is assured. Criminals will move to easier targets before attempting to crack millions of individually encrypted and remotely controlled data containers. 

Container Remote Control

You control your data. Consent to specific data uses. Revoke consent and access with one click. Covenants are created, transferred, versioned, deactivated for noncompliance, reactivated for compliance, eventually ended revoking access, and finally flagged for deletion.

One-Click Registration

One-Click registration simplifies and accelerates new digital relationships. Control your data by revising your terms of use even after registration. Covenants ensure you control your data everywhere it flows and grows.

Personalization CHOREOGRAPHy

Covenants configure and control personalization of your choosing. They choreograph personalized digital services across multiple organizations to serve your unique needs.

Automated Privacy Enforcement

Covenants enforce and automate your legal rights like the right to Consent, to Be Forgotten, to Data Portability and to Jurisdictional Compliance. Customer centric covenants enforce and automate privacy regulations, data policies and licenses.


Push Data Updates & Accept Access REquests

Covenants automatically update when you change your information like a new address, phone number or name change. Granting other people like support agents access to your data also confirms your identity to them ensuring more trustful digital relationships. 

AI Assistants Automate Security & privacy

Artificial Intelligent Agents choreograph Covenants for different identity and data sharing contexts like work, travel, shopping, recreation, holidays and important life events. Organizations can configure Artificial Intelligent Agents to automatically audit and remediate data and security compliance.

Covenants For Organizations

Build Next Generation Secure, Private & Personalized Solutions

Next generation applications require exponentially more data. They require more accurate, personal, sensitive, and immediate contextually relevant data. They need to share data across more services and partners to provide choreographed personalized solutions. This creates profound security, privacy, and user experience challenges.

Covenants ensure the benefits of frictionless data sharing while limiting the negative unintended consequences. They embody radical customer centricity and control while providing your organization a competitive advantage building data rich and loyal digital relationships.

Master Data Controller

Manage, contract, control and monetize your organizational data. Master Data Controller ™ provides a single point of control to manage and audit all organizational data exchanges with customers, partners, and associates. Covenants contractually augment and enforce all data exchanges. 

Edge Data ControlLer

 The Edge Data Controller  gates and controls all access to Data Containers anywhere in the world while enforcing Smart Data Contracts  . The Edge Data Controller  enforces compliance at network edge enabling or disabling data access while providing secure Edge Compute data intensive functionality.

Smart Data Contract

Smart Data Contracts  are self executing, self enforcing and auditable digital agreements. Enforce organizational data policies, data licenses, and terms of use restricting all future use cases. Price digital services higher for high value use cases and lower for low value use cases while prohibiting all other use cases.

Master Data Fabric

Master Data Fabric ™ tracks the data container lifecycle for all replicas, aggregates, physical locations, data lineage, and contract lineage. Data and Smart Data Contract   changes automatically version and update all downstream containers keeping all copies synced to the master data source.

Covenants = Radical Customer Centricity

What can they do for my brand?

Create next-generation applications that consume accurate, actionable, real-time data flows. Build applications that automatically adapt to the personalization choices of your customers.

Be radically customer centric ahead of your competitors and establish durable digital relationships based on respect, trust, and transparency.

Data Container Datastore

The Data Container Datastore can secure thousands of different tables, with thousands of fields, each with different datatypes and constraints, all automatically indexed for rapid retrieval, and all stored efficiently and compactly in a single disk file. 

Programmable Data Architecture

Software Defined Networking (SDN), Storage (SDS), and Compute (SDC) can now interoperate with Software Defined Data (SDD). Automatically relocate data containers to ensure jurisdictional compliance. Automate many privacy and security requirements.

Edge Compute & Edge AI

Edge Compute and Edge AI shift data processing as close to end users as possible for performance, security and privacy purpose. This enables data intensive workloads at the network edge closest to end users where security and privacy are best enforced and protected. 

Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)


CyberSecurity Mesh & DeperImEterization

Cybersecurity Mesh and Zero-Trust shifts the security perimeter from the object to the identity of a person or thing. Centralize control of data while distributing enforcement anywhere organizational data flows and grows.

Intelligent CoMposable Applications

Intelligent Composable Business allows rapidly redesigned digital business moments, new business models, automation and new products, services and channels via modular data and application architectures. 


Internet of Behaviors (ioB)

Internet of Behaviors (IoB) seeks to understand data properly and apply that understanding to alter behaviors from a human psychology perspective. IoB should only be implemented with comprehensive and enforeable Informed Consent.

Blockchain Interop

Smart Data Contracts interoperate with blockchain smart contracts enabling hybrid solutions. Blockchains provide marketplace scale data transactions while Covenants provide private and secure multiparty data transactions.