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Our Mission

Ensuring Humanity Controls Technology

THE Protocol That Protects Freedom

The Smart Data Protocol

The Smart Data Protocol empowers everyone to define, refine, and enforce digital contracts of our choice and control the uses of our data within exchanges we value as individuals, families, communities, and organizations. 

We started by recognizing the lack of data control and consent as the underlying problem shared across data security, privacy, and monetization domains. To solve these data control problems, we’re creating programmable contract-enforcing data building blocks we call Smart Data. 

    1. Preserves ownership rights and ensures all current and future data use cases are consent-based
    2. Secures and exchanges data for relevant and personalized digital experiences while protecting your privacy
    3. Balances our need for privacy with the requirements of law enforcement

Most importantly, Smart Data provides the necessary foundational trust required to expand and control all our digital relationships.

We invite you to join us,

Alan Rodriguez Signature

Alan Rodriguez – Data Freedom Foundation – Executive Director


We Started Here

Consent must be defendable, explicit, informed, eternal, and unlimited right to control the uses of our accumulated data

The Design for Digital Rights 

Smart Data Architecture

An architecture deliberately designed to defend our civil rights and protect our freedoms

Your application must be compatible with the Smart Data Protocol to transact with other compatible applications. To do this, the Edge Data Controller goes inside your application so it can access Smart Data. Your application also interacts with Master Data Controller and Master Data Fabric APIs to create, version, and manage Smart Data.

DFF Architecture

Data automation

Smart Data Automation

Code Containers, called Docker files, ensure application code portability across all cloud platforms. Kubernetes provides Docker Code Container Automation across all clouds.

Similarly, Data Containers and Data Container Automation provide unprecedented data automation for individual data owners across all compatible applications.

Kubernetes for Data
Master Data Controller


Control Your Data From One Location

People manage email opt-ins, cookie selections, and site privacy choices across many organizations from a single location. Master Data Controller presents understandable preferences and data controls. 

Smart Data automatically updates when you change your Master Data like a new address, phone number, or name change.

Granting other people access to your data also confirms your identity. Data owner confirmation reduces identity theft.


Select Your Persona

Using federated and Self-Sovereign Identity technologies and standards, control your many identities across many organizations. People can create and use different identities for different contexts and roles like work, family, or recreational activities. 

One-Click Registration

One-Click registration simplifies and accelerates new digital relationships: control and change identity and data sharing experiences at any time. Smart Data ensures you control your data everywhere it flows and grows.


Consent to All Data Uses

All future uses of your data require your express permission. We cannot know all the potential future uses for our data, but we can require our consent to all emergent new uses. Let Smart Data automatically enforce your data agreements

Remote Data Control

You control your data. Revoke consent and access with one click. Smart Data is created, transferred, versioned, deactivated for noncompliance, reactivated for compliance, eventually ended revoking all data access, and finally flagged for deletion.

Programmatic Data Control Image


Secure All Your Data Everywhere

Data Containers are sharable data files containing a single person’s data and media like images, video, audio, key/pair value, and SQL relational structures.

Data Containers are “read-only” for edge caching and performance. They’re encrypted with your keys so you control access.

The Data Container payload includes your data, Smart Data Contracts that limit who, where, when, and how others interact with your data as well as code that can control both the use and the presentation of the packaged data. 

Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE)

Secure your data with BYOE of your choice and keys you control. By design, no one can access your data or enable others to access your data without your awareness and cooperation.  This is an intrinsic property of encrypted data secured within Data Containers. 

Data Container Tracking

Data Containers are registered and tracked with a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) within the Master Data Fabric. The source URL and the Data Container location URL enable remote control, versioning, and auditing while tracking and enforcing global data and contract lineage. 

Data Container Datastore

The Data Container Datastore can secure thousands of different tables, with thousands of fields, each with different data types and constraints. All are automatically indexed for rapid retrieval, and all are stored efficiently and compactly in a single disk file. 

Master Data Fabric

Data Master Data Fabric ™ provides Data Container Lifecycle tracking all replicas, aggregates, physical locations, and data lineage. Data changes automatically version and update all downstream containers keeping all copies synced to the master data source.

Edge Data Controller

The Edge Data Controller gates and controls all access to Data Containers while enforcing Smart Data Contracts. The Edge Data Controller enforces compliance at the network edge, enabling or disabling data access.


Safely Answer Questions while Protecting Privacy

Zero-knowledge techniques are mathematical methods used to verify things without sharing or revealing underlying data.

They model normal human behavior by asking questions and receiving trustable answers.  

Some simple examples include: 

  • A  loan application knowing your data meets the qualifications without accessing the input variables.
  • A payment application checking whether you have a sufficient balance to complete a transaction without knowing the amount.
  • Banks sharing transaction data for fraud analysis without divulging customer details.

Zero-knowledge proofs can help broker all sorts of sensitive agreements, transactions, and interactions in a more private and secure way.

Zero Knowledge Proof
Kovenant Image

Edge Data ControllerS

Smart Data Contracts

Smart Data Contracts define, enforce and audit data preferences, policies, licenses, and terms of service permitting specific desirable use cases while prohibiting undesirable use cases of your choice.

Define hard and soft data limits while retaining the right to port your data, delete your data, restrict storage, and enforce processing jurisdictions.

Review, revise, or revoke your Smart Data Contracts at any time. It’s your data, so you should control where it’s located or copied and how it’s processed, used, and monetized by yourself and others. 

Digital Civil Rights

For People


Consent to Future Data Uses

All future uses of your data require your express permission. We cannot know all the potential future uses for our data, but we can require our consent to all emergent new uses.


Master Preference Center

Automatically synchronize privacy settings like email opt-ins, cookie tracking selections, and site privacy choices across many brand relationships from a single location.

Automated Data Rights

Smart Data enforces and automates your legal rights like the right to Consent, Be Forgotten, Data Portability, and Jurisdictional Compliance.

Digital Rights Management

For Organizations

Data Monetization

Smart Data can control and report its use, take automated protective action, and even self-destruct. Data can be monetized differently based on who, when, where, and how it’s used by customers.

Digital Scarcity

Data Containers possess a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID), ensuring a fixed number of legitimate copies. All data and media (NFTs) can be secured and licensed for specific uses and universally monitored. 

Automated Compliance

Smart Data enforces and automates privacy, security, and marketing compliance as well as internal data policies.

Smart Data Contract Terms

Control Who, What, When, Where & How Your Data is Used

Zero-knowledge Proofs provide the mathematical methods used to answer questions about data without sharing or revealing that data. They help broker all sorts of sensitive agreements, transactions, and interactions in a more private and secure way. 

Who Are They

Identity: What persona are you when I interact with you?

  1. I’m a frequent flyer traveling for work
  2. I’m on vacation traveling with my family
  3. I’m not the traveler, but I bought the ticket for someone else

Proxy Identity: With whom can I share information about you?

  1. Let my car service know Ive landed
  2. Tell someone specific about a delayed flight
  3. Allow someone specific to make itinerary changes

When Do You Do It

Temporal: When can I collect and use data about you?

  1. On the day of travel
  2. 90 minutes before my flight

Duration: Duration: How long can I store your data?

  1. How long may I retain personally identifiable information (PII)?
  2. How long may I retain non personally identifiable information (PII)?

How Do They Do It

Aggregation: How may I aggregate data about you?

  1. What sources may I aggregate your data – tracking, purchases, travel?

Anonymize: How must I anonymize data about you?

  1. Must this aggregation include anonymization?

What Are They Doing

Purpose: How can I collect and use data about you?

  1. For marketing (offers) about this airline
  2. For marketing (offers) about a partner of Im in the airport
  3. For information about my flight, the terminal, and the airport

Proxy Purpose: Under what conditions can I share your data? 

  1. If delayed flight, send me relevant partner offers
  2. Identify partners for functional, temporal, or spacial marketing
  3. Can I sell your data to partners?  If so, what do you want in return?

Where Are They Doing It

Location: Where can I collect and use data about you?

  1. Im in the airport
  2. Im NOT in the airport

Alan Rodriguez – data Freedom Foundation

“They who give up freedom of thought for peace of mind, deserve neither”

Join the Ecosystem

Creating the Standard for Digital Rights

We’re focusing on how humanity can control the technology around us by limiting the uses of our data, even after it’s been shared. This requires creating a global standard for attaching and enforcing agreements to our increasingly mobile data. 

If the pervasive automation of regulations, policies, licenses, and preferences impacts your organization, we’d enjoy discussing how we can collaborate.